10 days Vietnam Motorbike Tour Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Trail

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Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh Trail
Duration: 10 days 9 nights

10 days Vietnam Motorbike Tour Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Trail

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Vietnam Motorbike Tours offers daily 10 days Vietnam Motorbike Tour Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Trail departing from Hanoi.

Day 1: Hanoi – Thac Ba Lake: 180km/5 hours

Today we will ride from Hanoi to Thac Bac Lake with great escape the busy at the city.

After reaching Thac Ba at 16.00, you will enjoy a trip by small boat to explore Thac Ba Lake and simple life of Dzao people. Have dinner and stay at a local house.

Day 2: Thac Ba Lake – Phu Yen: 210 km/5hours:

We continue the second driving day. On our roads, there will be many beautiful scenes with terraced fields and successively winding passé.

In particular, we can drive across the green orange garden and you will also enjoy special fruits in this place as well as meeting and talking with friendly ethnic minorities.

Day 3: Phu Yen – Mai Chau: 220km/ 6 hours

This may be one of the most beautiful roads for motorbike tours in Vietnam. Our tour guides will take you to hunt cloud in Ta Xua commune which is located on the highest land.

In a quarter of hour, clouds will change continuously. This is one of the most attractive places for professional drivers.

We will drive along Black River seeing the beauty of mountains and river banks. Next, we will go across Van Yen ferryboat. You may have lunch in Bac Yen or Moc Chau Farm Town.

After that, you continue to explore Moc Chau Plateau with many ravishing beautiful scenes covering tea hill, apricot hill and peach hill.

You can also head to Hua Tat Pass peak and take many beautiful photos. We have various options for you on the road from Moc Chau to Mai Chau. One of them may be fairly beautiful off-road, which depends on the driving ability of the group drivers.

Day 4: Mai Chau – Cua Lo: 290km/ 8 hours

After having breakfast and saying goodbye to the friendly Muong people’s family, we continue our trip to the southwest of Hanoi. There is nothing more wonderful than driving in the early morning along Ma River across rice fields, sugarcane fields and bamboo forests.

Having driven for hours across bumpy small roads with romantic scenery, we reach Ho Chi Minh Trail which leads us to the south of Vietnam, the legendary road of Vietnam Communists.

Although this Trail has been repaired considerably, its beautiful scenes remain unchanged. If the northwest of Vietnam has imposing and spectacular beauty, this place has quite different beauty with limestone mountains intercalated with corn and cassava fields, also known as Ha Long Bay on land. We will have lunch on our way with local food.

We will reach Cua Lo at about 5.00 pm. Cua Lo Beach is one of the famous beaches in the Northern Vietnam but has few tourists and is fairly quiet. Stay at a hotel and have dinner with local seafood.

Day 5: Cua Lo – Phong Nha – Ke Bang: 210km/6 hours

Touring by motorbike with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club everyday is a new surprise for you. Today is such a day. Temporarily forgetting imposing terraced fields of the Northwestern Vietnam, today, we will lead you along the central coastline of Vietnam (Vietnam has over 4300km coastline) with magnificent beautiful scenes composed of mountains and sea with pristine beaches.

After the lunch, we come to Dong Loc T-junction (one of the very important T-junctions of Ho Chi Minh Trail in the war). After that, we continue our trip on Ho Chi Minh Trail with very beautiful scenes that remind us of Ha Long bay with imposing limestone ranges. Moreover, it is very close to Vietnam – Lao border to reach Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (which has been recognized as the world natural heritage twice). Karst tectonics of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was formed 400 million years ago, i.e. in the Paleozoicera period. Therefore, it is the most ancient Karst in Asia. Undergoing many big changes in strata, geomorphology and topography of this area are very complicated. Phong Nha – Ke Bang shows impressive evidences of Earth history, helps historical researchers understand geological and topographical history of this area. Phong Nha – Ke Bang is one of distinctive and beautiful models of complicated Karst tectonics in the Southeast Asia. It was recognized as the world natural heritage by UNESCO under geological and geomorphologic criteria in 2003 and recognized as the world natural heritage by UNESCO for the second time under biodiversity and ecological criteria on 03/7/2015. We will reach Phong Nha at about 4.30 pm. If time and weather are convenient, we may join a boat tour to visit one of the very famous caves and one of the biggest caves in the world

Stay overnight in Phong Nha: Saigon Hotel!

Day 6: Phong Nha – Khe Xanh: 230 km/ 6 hours

Driving on this road may be one of the best motorbike tours in Vietnam. Unlike other tourism companies in Vietnam, Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club will choose the old road of Ho Chi Minh Trail to the west of Vietnam close to Vietnam – Lao border, across the old forest in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. This Trail is the one concealed very carefully to avoid the US troops in the wartime. In over 200 km, you will see very few motorbikes. Instead, you will sometimes see wild animals and imposing mountains – one of the specialties of a motorbike tour. Once we have left Phong Nha National Park, we will have chance to visit old fortresses of the US marines, airbase and impressive Khe Sanh museum (Khe Sanh was one of the biggest hot pans for both US army and Vietnam army). We will finish our interesting motorbike tour to the west at about 17.00

Day 7: Khe Sanh – Vinh Moc Tunnel – Hue: 180km/ 6 hours

Once again, together with Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club, you have chance to discover more about the fierce war between Vietnam army and the US enemy. Leaving Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will drive on the historical road no. 9 to the west and then to the coastline. At this point, we will visit some famous war monuments to understand more about the cruel war suffered by the local people, for example, Hien Luong bridge, Latitude 17 museum, known as the Northern Vietnam and the Southern Vietnam border, and famous Vinh Moc tunnels. These tunnels are known as the non-military zone between the Northern Vietnam and the Southern Vietnam established in April 1954 as the result of Geneva Conference ending the war between Viet Minh and French colonists. After the lunch, we continue our trip to the south along the Central coastline to Hue city at about 17.00. On this road, you will also have chance to explore one of the most beautiful pristine beaches, i.e. Cua Tung beach. Moreover, you may visit Quang Tri ancient citadel, one of the most fierce battlefields and known as hot summer 1972.

Vinh Moc is a complex of tunnels in Quang Tri, Viet Nam. In the Vietnam war, it became the strategic position in the Northern Vietnam and the Southern Vietnam border. Tunnels were built for local settlement in the violent bombing in Son Trung commune and Son Ha commune in Vinh Linh district, Quang Trin province in Vietnamese non-military zone. The US forces believed that Vinh Moc villagers provided food and weapon to Bac Viet garrisons on Con Co island. This was the place that prevented the US airplanes from bombing in Hanoi. These tunnels were built to make Vinh Moc district residents leave this area but they had no other place to go. Initially, local residents dug tunnels to move their village 10m underground but the US forces designed bombs to break 10m underground. To prevent the weapon imbalance, local residents moved to the depth of 30m. These tunnels were built in many phases from 1966 and used until the early 1972. Their structure was relatively complicated with wells, kitchens, rooms for each family and healthcare space. About 60 family households lived in these tunnels and about 17 children were born inside the tunnels in 1967 and 1968!

Day 8: Hue (city tour): The city of UNESCO 180km/ 4 hours

We think that this may be a non-driving day for everyone. Just forget hard driving days and spend one day relaxing. In the morning, we may join a boat tour on Huong River and visit famous and sacred Thien Mu pagoda. Then, we may visit Hue royal citadel together with mausoleums of Nguyen dynasty emperors which express the power of Vietnam feudalism Kings. After the lunch in the city, you may relax at Thuan An beach. The dinner is not included in the tour program so that you have chance to explore this unique cuisine in your favorite style!

Located on the banks of Huong River, Hue city is the world cultural heritage in Thua Thien – Hue province. Hue possesses historical monuments of high values in Hue ancient citadel monument complex such as Hue imperial city, Minh Mang mausoleum, Gia Long mausoleum, Thien Mua pagoga, Temper of Literature and National University. You will also have chance to visit beauty-spots such as Ngu Binh mountain, Thuan An beach, Lang Co beach and Tam Giang pond. Imperial ceremonial music and songs are one of special cultural features of Hue. Every two years, the city organizes Hue Festival that attracts many tourists.

Day 9: Hue – Hoi An: 170km/5 hours

This is one of the most wonderful motorbike roads in Vietnam. According to the Top Gear show of BBC, Hai Van Pass is known as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Saying goodbye to Hue, we drive to the south. Before reaching Hai Van Pass, we must go across two other Passes named Phuoc Tuong and Phu Gia. The landscape is very beautiful with mountains on the one side and ponds of coastal fishing villages on the other side. After driving through Lang Co beach – one of the world’s seven most beautiful beaches, we will come to Hai Van Pass peak. If the weather is fine, you may see Da Nang city and Hue city with quite impressive sea bay beauty. After that, we drive along Da Nang beach (50km coastline) to Hoi An to finish a wonderful and safe driving day.

Day 10: Hoi An – Da Nang: 30 km/end of the tour.

We start a final day in our tour gently by walking and exploring Hoi An, visit some special monuments such as Japan Cau Pagoda, Phuoc Kien Clubhouse, Tan Ky ancient house and Craft workshop. We may also join a boat tour on Thu Bon River to sight see the city and simple life of fishermen. After having lunch at a restaurant in the ancient city, we drive back to Da Nang to finish the wonderful and safe Ho Chi Minh Trail tour, say goodbye to the outstand team of Vietnam Motorcycle Tour.

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Our all-inclusive prices covers:

Motorcycle: Honda CRF 250cc, Honda XR 250cc or Honda XR 150cc
Petrol, Oil and maintenance
All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
Accommodation in local guesthouses, hotels or home stays
English, french, spanish -speaking guide
All fees, tolls and National Park entrance tickets
Helmets: Full face and open face
Padded Motorcycle jackets & Motorcycle pants
Rain pants and Poncho
Dry bag and tie downs
Not Included
Alcohol drinks
Personal Health Insurance
Personal expenses
Personal Tip and gratuities
Liability insurance

10 days Vietnam Motorbike Tour Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Trail

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